I don't put much effort in anything,
I don't go out or dress up anymore,
I don't care what I eat or drink,
I don't mind what people say or think.
I'm just passing through,
To reach 'Someday',
Which would mark the beginning of living,
Instead of simply existing!
I've been dreaming of 'Someday',
Convincing myself of its certainty!
'Someday' is a word, as alluring as 'almost',
Tricks you with the illusion of hope,
Deludes you with the assurance of happiness,
Distances you from the verity of the past,
Sways you with the possibility of a future,
All the while,
Subtly guiding you away, from the reality of the present!
Maybe, 'Someday' is an unfulfilled promise,
Like a mirage, just enough to cover the distance!
Knowing, that now is what counts,
I feel like something lost and found,
Still searching for the right mould,
To settle into, till the day I turn cold!

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