Someday When I Love Someone

Waking up to coffee still in bed
You fit like a needle in a thread
I don't wanna leave a single word unsaid
or misread
so I'll tell you everything instead

I don't wanna write a love song in any way
that won't remind you every day
I wanna watch the sunset fade away
just to say
that it can't compare to you anyway

and I would give a thousand moments just to have you by my side for one

The flicker of a fire while I pull you near
the fire in my heart each passing year
I don't ever wanna let you shed a tear
and I swear
you're the reason that I'll always be here

I wanna see you smile when I call you mine
lit by the stars you still outshine
I wanna brush your hair over to the side
while I try to tell you
I could let the whole world collide

and my love will remain
and I'll hold you till my dying days

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Key Words : love, you

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I want to love someone someday