Living on the edge staying in line
Living how i live is why i stay behind
day to day struggle how it is so real
somebody please tell me whats the real deal
waiting on the Lord to restore it all
trying to stand up but i always seem to fall
holding on to nothing for a slightly tattered dream
maybe its not at all what i thought id seen
maybe im living on a ledge trying not to fall
maybe its a mountain or just a brick wall
either way its high and you can feel the fear
someone please help me i cannot leave from here
i dont wanna leave i wanna stay
i dont know any other way
how can it be oh why me
its all for i reason none of us can see
when i come back down and i look around
it all looks foolish i feel like a clown
it doesnt make sense to have to live this way
its down right disgraceful is what some would say
i dont listen to much to opinionated men
maybe if i did id learn somehow to win
gonna keep my head up, listen, and pay attention
put the good Lord first least i forget to mention
it will all come together i will make it there somehow
i cant giveup hope i wont go back now
living on the edge and staying in the line
Thank you thank you Jesus , Im gonna be just fine.

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