Somehow I Blame You

Each day is a new day, but each day is a similar grind

There are days where my “normal” is where I can take on my day with only small problem.

Body what’s your normal?

My “normal” is less than an abled body’s normal but I’m proud of my “normal”

But days can be low energy, where my “normal” is nothing but a fond memory.

I smile and say
I’m good

Why body? Why do you dislike me?

Most days I’m muddled, my brain full of umms and creaks like an attic filled with webs

Start out the day fantastic
thriving but afternoon brings headaches, low energy and straining to concentrate

Headaches level 4,
stuffy nose,
sinus pressure,

Body aches,
keeping pace body being pulled

Putting up a facade to most

I’m good?

Pounding my fists against the wall

Daily struggle, chronic illnesses
Body what’s your normal?

Bad days barely treading water
good days can be like on a huge boat, peaceful and dry,
or in a small boat taking in water.

Zoning in and out
daily working
daily grinding too many things affect my body

Body you are amazing, a machine that does not give up even though you’re battered.

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