Someone New

Blinding lights show up in the rearview,
its a drunk driver speeding behind you.
He swerves around and disappears into the dark,
why couldn't he just leave his car in park?

Stumbles out of the bar after just a few,
and then he crossed paths with you.
Young and innocent out on a drive,
but you wont make it home alive.

That man crashed into two parked cars,
you're on the ground only seeing the stars.
Flashing lights and all of the sound,
taking final breaths; lying on the ground.

He lived, but he took life away from you,
causing the things your family goes through.
Down bad roads, there goes your brother,
and the lost mind of your poor mother.

The drinking problems of your dad,
stuck in memories that they once had.
Now he climbs behind the wheel too,
and the cycle repeats for someone new.

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