Someone Who is Heartless

Someone who is heartless...
Once had a heart,
And now that it’s gone,
Their love just falls apart.
Bloody hands are praying,
To an ugly supreme being,
Why create their faults,
And then blame them for disobeying?
Sightless minds now rancid,
By the deceit our culture has chanted,
Humanity is downright gone,
We’re thus possessive to the point we’ve withdrawn
So hide inside your “faith”,
Just know that’s where you’ll die,
A putrid worthless waste,
Just shut your eyes,
Say goodnight,
For the dead don’t really rise.
Truth and despair course through our blood,
For those of us who just can’t love.
Someone who is heartless…
Was once born with a heart
But now that it’s gone
No love will ever take part.

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