Someplace in Time

A clock measures time on the width of its face
The face of the earth's a miraculous place
If the clocks are turned back to long, long ago,
We could witness a wonder, a wild west show
Cowboys and natives would parade on their steeds
Performing many an incredible deed
But we could turn time further back, if you like
To pedal the first "dandy horse," called a bike
Riding with Parisians under the Eiffel
Bicycles and Frenchmen would hail your arrival
But crossing the Pont Neuf, right over the Seine
You would think of another bridge, in Brooklyn
Up to 1902, we would then travel
To see the Brooklyn Bridge, raised from the gravel
We would ascend its height, if we are able
And notice duct tape, rapped 'round every cable
Seeing the binding would remind us of home
Where tape fixes all-from broke glasses to combs
We would turn time forward, to 2013
And embrace our own place, despite all that we'd seen
(If you're wondering if this poem is true
Historically accurate, with nothing skewed
My answer is yes, and each stanza is fact
Based on true events, and perfectly exact)

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