Something From Nothing

Sitting there left alone in the cold dark corner with nothing else but less than a dollar.
With no shoes on her feet, wearing only the clothes on her back.
Exhausted lonely and hungry.
Not one person stopped to ask if she might need anything, no not even one.
Still left there alone in the cold dark corner and nowhere to go & nowhere to call home.
Suddenly a shout in the thickness of the crowd,
called out to her from across the tracks.
Little girl what are doing here, and where are you from?
Still no one other than the voice she heard even stopped to ask her. Except the only voice from across the tracks that seemed to have cared.
A suddenly gleam of hope, perhaps a pretentious by stander.
Looking for the voice that may have been her only hope.
Shouted once more from across the tracks.
Jumping up from the cold ground from where she sat.
She saw a woman that looked exactly like her mother from the picture in her hand, that she held on for life and kept.

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This Poems Story

This is poem reflects the reality of children all over the world whom feel less than nothing at times. Too often many runaway from something that's abusive to a familiar place they remember that once shown them love & care.