Something Holy

Our home is a planet called Earth,
With incredible size and huge girth.
With millions of people
Both strong and some feeble
And minerals mined for their worth.

Then there's the Sun with its brilliant glow.
It's very common for people to know
That without its bright light
And its power and might
Darkness would prevail with the snow.

Also the stars that shine in the night.
In the sky, such a beautiful sight.
They are all far away
It's rather easy to say
Without them it wouldn't be quite right.

Vast oceans of water colored blue
Seem to thrive on this planet, too.
They nourish the land
And moisten the sand;
This creation's on display in full view.

No one's certain how this came to be.
The beauty, the nature, the sea.
But I'd like to think
That there is a direct link
To something higher and holier than me!

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This Poems Story

This is just a simple limerick that I wrote inspired by looking out my bedroom window. I can see our beautiful backyard with all sorts of wildlife. Once I saw about 6 deer, 4 squirrels, 10 birds, 2 bunnies, a chipmunk and a groundhog all in the yard together foraging for food. They just went about their business peacefully with no acts of aggression towards each other. It looked like an amazing painting and I felt like such a small peon in this universe. - Poem published in "Endless Horizons: Daybreak" - Copyright 2009