Something New

By Angelie   

Calmly sitting in class, a thought jumps in my mind.
Spacing out to the nearest object I could find.
I hear a voice calling to me,
Snapping me back to reality.
The boy who sits in the front stands and comes my way.
I lost track of every word he had to say.
All I knew was he and I were face to face
And I could hear every loud beat as my heart raced.
I stare off once more,
avoiding his eyes that I adore.
I utter words before he returned to his seat.
And to think, he is the best guy I will ever meet.
Looking at him, I have never felt this way before,
He looks back and I quickly look to the floor.
Impossible. It can't be.
I dismiss the fact and refuse to agree.
But what if it's true?
Does he have feelings for me too?
I look up and see him still staring.
I blush at one look, beaming.
Time stood still for just a few moments and I knew
This may be a start to something new.

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