Something special

They told me I was something special.
Not even ‘someone’ just some ‘thing’.
And now, I am their possession.
I haven’t got a penny to my name.
They told me I could be a model, then took away my innocence.
Now my body is broken and bruised and yet, they tell me I’m to blame.
What am I worth now?
They promised me I’d be something special.
What am I good for?
I was sure that I would be something special.
Am I a fool to have thought that I could have been something more?
Is it too late to be something special at all?
They fooled me into thinking that I mattered, that I could make my family proud.
Now my life is all in tatters.
Do I even matter now?
I want to be something special, all I want is to know that I still matter anymore or if I ever really mattered at all.

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