Something Taken

By Andie   

Something was taken from me
Not my smell nor my sight
Something was taken from me
On that one terrible night
It's something that's big but somehow invisible
And something so valuable that it is irreplaceable
He took a check off my list
A base off my field
And for what?
So I could be another check on his list?
Add a base to his field?
And I'll never forget his words scream in my head
"Hey he's asleep, do you want to go again?"
I wanted to scream I wanted to cry
I wanted to run I wanted to die
I wanted to fight, and run, and go
But all I could do was turn and say no
But morning came and so did the dawn
And everyone looked at me as if I were a bomb
Counting the seconds until I would explode
But they didn't know I was already gone
Something was taken from me by a friend not an enemy
And in its place I gained a mind full of memories

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