Something unusual

It was a normal day
But tiring as usual
I really don’t know what Should i say
Of something that happened
Something unusual

In the auditorium was I sitting
When i first saw her
Standing with her mates and singing
A melodious choir

It was the first time
I kept on looking at a girl
Then i realised something
Something unusual

She had Those eyes
Once worth a thousand lies
She had that smile
Made me blush all the while

I was intrigued by her beauty
Believe me, I had to wear my lenses
At the moment, I realised
For her, I could cross all the fences

I wanted to touch her
But , in me, i had that fear
I wanted to feel her
But I couldn’t take a step near

The next day she left
But I couldn’t tell her what i felt
Because I wasn’t able to overcome my fear
Watching her go, in my eyes, i just had tears

I had fallen for her
And I didn’t give it a try
But with a smiling face
All i could so was silently cry

It was the 1st time, when i felt alone
It was the 1st time, when i was totally blown
It was the 1st time, i ever cried
It was the 1st time, i never tried

It was the 1st time, i let someone go
It was the 1st time, i had hit my low
It was the 1st time, when nothing else mattered
It was the 1st time, when i was totally shattered

I knew that I’d hit my low
But it couldn’t be my lowest
Her memories were my strength
But my guilt had made me the the slowest

I realised

The world is round
To her, i was bound
As poetic as it may sound
True love..can be found

That moment ,when i saw her,
I cannot let that go in vain
I would meet her someday
In some city in some lane

I love her but couldn’t tell her
Thats my only regret
She is someone
I will never forget...

So here i am today
Just chillin, still nothing much to say
I still think of her, as usual!!
Cuz she made me feel something,
Something unusual

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