Sometimes my grief and self-despair,
has no reasonable justification at all.
Sometimes I have to pick myself up,
inconceivably before my actual fall.

Sometimes I superintend my own guilt,
knowing I did absolutely nothing wrong.
Sometimes I presuppose my weakness,
however in reality I know that I'm strong.

Sometimes I truly start to hate myself,
especially when I created my own mess.
Sometimes I am the only one to blame,
for enhancing my dreaded unhappiness.

Sometimes I get very anxious and scared,
though there's absolutely nothing there.
Sometimes when the pain is monumental,
habitually profess falsely I really don't care.

Sometimes it seems to just be pretentious,
invoking a grandiose smile upon my face.
Sometimes the distinct thing that will help,
withdrawing together escaping this place.

Sometimes the significant ingredient is you,
kissing me and saying I'm beautiful this way.
Sometimes one glimpse into your blue eyes,
gives me strength to get me through today.

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This Poems Story

Written for my love to remind him how special he is to me. Thanks to him I got my love for writing back and I have been able to grow as well.