sometimes I lie awake and remember you
how peaceful you looked while sleeping
your arm around my waist
the ghost of a smile lazily cast on your lips.
sometimes I lie awake and reminisce on my
fondest memory of you
when the rain was tapping against the window
just at the right, hypnotic beat
the slow rise and fall of your chest,
continuing to slumber through the afternoon
I could've sworn the world had stopped revolving in
that moment
the moment I realized I loved you
and I would have let it.
sometimes I have to remind myself of the uglier times
how you would bottle up all of your emotions and
release them on to me when it all got too much
when you would point out my flaws and insecurities,
trying to ease the pain of your own inner demons
passing them off with a joke. damage control.
the way you started looking at other women
the way you used to look at me.
extinguishing the fire we had sparked together
sometimes I remember you

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