Sometimes I wish the stars could talk
so they would tell you my truth,
so I wouldn't have to lie anymore.
So I could be honest, truthful, and vain.

Sometimes I wish my paranoia would go away.
That the sounds only I would hear would make me scream and cry,
make me feel normal; human I guess.

Sometimes I wish...
Sometimes I wish you wouldn't see the world through shaded glasses,
so you wouldn't be biased,
so you wouldn't be angry or disappointed.
Sometimes I wish you could be happy,
for us to be happy as a family, to be content,
not as lovers because were not.
We are blood.

Sometimes I wish the stars could listen
so I could tell them everything,
From how I felt to what I dream.
Oh... Sometimes is such a fleeting word.
Sometimes I wish you could hear my voice and sometimes...
Well sometimes I wish this was real so you could read this.

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