Sometimes a woman just needs to

Sometimes a woman just needs to cry

Sometimes a woman just needs to cry
Don’t need to assume, question or ask why
She carries the weight of the world on her shoulders
Everything coming down on her like huge boulders
She needs rest in her busy life as her busy life doesn’t only
Have to do with her but the people in it
She’s too tired to see what she needs to do in her own life
Because she puts first the needs of others; as her life is split
Her once soft hands are now turned to callous
Her feet are tired for the weight she carries, it’s hard to keep balanced
Her once straight back which allowed her to stand tall
Is now started to bend over and at times she feels she will fall
Sometimes she just needs to sit and cry
To let it all out so not to wither and die
She cares deeply for the ones in her life
She’s been a good daughter, sister, mother and wife
And yet there are times she just needs to cry
Mother’s day comes only once a year
Take time to call her and spread some family cheer
Do something for her to take her mind off you!
I am sure restful, happy days are too few
Do something to brighten her day to make her feel appreciated
And if she just wants to sit and cry let her, hold her try to understand
For everything she holds in needs to pour out
To do this allows her wings to sprout
Which she uses to cover her family to keep them safe
For even the strangers and enemies she will embrace
Tell her you loved her yesterday, love her today and will love her
Forever and a day.

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