Sometimes I Am…

Sometimes my body is full of life,
And I see sun shining down on me
And tears run down my eyes.
I can feel the water,
I can feel it slipping,
Sliding, trickling, down my cheeks.
When I wake up from my dream,
I look out and see people smiling
Very brightly and my heart fills with pain,
Breaking as you punch it like glass.
When I feel someone punch my heart, I scream,
"Ow! That really hurts!" and they stop.
I am glad but then in the middle of the night,
In a cornfield, there was a tower.
I feel the breeze whipping past my face,
It stings and burns, badly.
I freeze.
I am cold and I shiver
As I make my way to a warm place
Where I can rest, peacefully.

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