Sometimes I think

Sometimes I think that I am happy . But sometimes
I think why my friends aren`t ?
Sometimes I win the game , but sometimes
I think why not my opponent?
Sometimes my body just want to fight inside myself
to conquer the situation. But sometimes I don`t
understand why always my knowledge is the runner.
Sometimes I try to follow that bright white dark path
towards that poison tree, but as always, it leads my
brain to a path from where my brain can`t be free.
Sometimes I see myself in the place of that unfolding
lotus bud, trying to rest, trying to rise, trying to
lick the sky and to feel that taste of success .
But sometimes sun sets too early.
Sometimes I sit and start thinking loud, trying
to find all flaws inside me, because yes, I know
that famous saying . And you know what? I find so much ! but sometimes
I don`t know why I feel that I was right.
At last , whenever I think of William Shakespeare and
the last stage, I start to think, 'Why do I think at

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