Somewhere In The Heartland OF America

Somewhere in the Heartland of America there is someone waiting for a transplant of some kind,
Somewhere there is a family who's getting ready to make the Tough Choice of pulling the plug and ending their loved one's life,
Somewhere there is a team of Doctor's who are getting ready to harvest someone's organs and tissues and bone marrow to help other's out who need this Amazing Gift of Love and Life,
Somewhere in The Heartland of America someone just joined the National Organ and National Marrow Donor Registries and they are now able to be apart of the National List of People who are willing to help someone else out.
Somewhere someone and their family is about to receive the best news that they have found a match for them and as one life ends their life is about to be extended,
Someone somewhere will die every 8 minutes while waiting for The Life Saving Gift of Needing A Transplant and without enough Registered Donors this cycle will never end so therefor if you have enough love in your heart for your own family then you too can find it in your heart of hearts to sign up on either the National Donor Registry at or The National Marrow Donor Program Registry at these are two of the National Registries that you can go to or go to your local state and find out what their site has for you to sign up on.
I know this from personal Experience that My late Mother and late Sister helped enrich the lives of those who they touched by signing up to become Donors before they got worse and we their family had to make this tough choice but in the end it was well worth the pain and heartache because we know that their are People somewhere in the Heartland of America that are living longer and so our loved ones live on in those who they became a Hero to through Organ and Tissue Donation.

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    This Poems Story

    This poem was written to help others see that their is comfort in making the choice to Donate Life. This being what would have been my Late Mother's 65th Birthday I am doing this to carry on her Legacy the one she so kindly left behind for all of us her family to treasure for many years to come.