I loved you before I knew you without knowing how you were,
I love you more than you know more than you can understand.
If I had to make a choice between your life and my life,
without doubt I would choose yours in a heartbeat over mine.

From the moment I was told I had a being inside,
I worried when you moved too much or if you didn't move enough.
With anticipation I waited wondering what you'll be like,
and when I finally met you were more than I had thought.

I know that God has a plan that you have not yet discovered,
but with time it will unravel and you will finally know it.
And I pray that God will guide you and you get to know the Lord,
he brings peace when there is trouble and in sadness he brings joy.

He puts love where there is hate and forgiveness in our hearts,
son I want for you the best and I've learned the best is God.

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