Son Of God

Son Of God

The meaning of Jesus and Christ
Briefly explaining the two words Jesus and Christ

Jesus is the Greek version of the Hebrew word Jehoshua means Jehovah

Savior or Jehovah is Salvation it is the name that God chose for his Son the name in which God has revealed himself

In the be testament it is the name of the Son received by inheritance Hebrew 1:4 Christ is the Greek

Equivalent of the Hebrew word Messiah both words mean the Anointed One

The Dual Nature of Christ
From the bible we see that Jesus Christ had two distinct natures in a way

That no other human being ever seen or had one nature it's human or (fleshly)
The other side is Divine or Spirit

Jesus was both fully Man and fully God
The name Jesus refers to the eternal spirit of God

The Father dwelling in the flesh we can use the Name Jesus when describing either aspects of both

For example when we say Jesus died on the Cross we mean His Flesh died on the Cross

When we say Jesus lives we mean he lives in our hearts Meaning his Spirit is there

We must always remember The dual Nature of Christ

God was in the body of Christ the Spirit of God our creator made himself a body in the human vail of flesh

As today in Salvation we read Acts 2:38
We must receive his Spirit by allowing the flesh to repent of our sins baptized in water in his name

The name given Jesus Christ for remission of sins

The baptism is as going down in a watery grave being risen by the Spirit unto Christ now

Only way to true salvation there is no other salvation named under the Sun
That name is Christ Jesus

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God who is Spirit Robed himself in the body of Flesh we know who is the Jesus The Christ Savior of The world