Song Bird

Song Bird, Song Bird
Oh Song Bird of mine.
It's bright feathered wings, lined with white,
flourished in the golden rays of the light.
It's eyes!
Piercing through dark brown storms,
understood the sincerity of the wildest storms.
But when this Song Bird sang a marvelous sound escaped it's mouth!
Captivating and Wondrous.
But in a place where the troubled drown in their infinite misery,
this Song Bird came to me.
Filled with anguish, sorrow, the deepest draining despair,
I stood there as sadness penetrated the golden heavens of a heart.
Until this Song Bird sang to me.
Wondrous and Captivating,
This Song Bird brought life into me.
A smile unknown to me forced darkness to flee its long lost enemy.
Yet Time, a dirty thief of hope!
Counted down the last of the falling white grain.
Song Bird, my Song Bird!
Sang its last rich tune, looked at me and flew!
Where the suns once stood, darkness slithered back, waiting.
Doomed to my inescapable fate,
I looked forward, struck with unsettling grief.
Only our single vibrant memory remains with me,
Song Bird, Song Bird
Oh Song Bird of mine.

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