Song of Spring

I am lost, it's dark, it's cold, I hide
From death's scary net, far and wide
There is no light, nor end to this night
Where hope hides himself, not a glimpse, not a sight.

I hear the wind frizzle in my ear,
As the winter masticate, the life far and near,
Oh light why don't you show up and conquer my fear?
Which piece of my plea can you not hear?

I want to live, and see that laugh line in their eye,
But fear pulls me down, to the dark pit where I hide,
How can I jilt with the fear that haunts me down inside?
When I quiver when I move, and quail when I rise.

One step, one glance to the silver lining of the situation,
One step, as the yellow rays touch some of my skin's portion
One step, as the life begin to move on it's motion,
One step, as I free myself from the pit of destruction!

The trees wave their leaves as the birds hum,
While the warming breeze, swing swiftly as it sang,
As the sun covers the land which the night had slam,
O' farewell oh winter for summer has come!

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