Memories to be addressed
Emotions they expect to be repressed
Tired of apologizing for being depressed
The demon hid in plain sight.
And this little birdy didnt take flight.
Like an elk that ventures outside of the
The sunlight welcomed me into its meadow
Poured me a cup of sweet hot coffee.
Tricked into believing it was sanctuary.
But the meadow holds the same dangers the forest may afford.
Monsters lurk in the dark
They hide behind the bark.
Now living the life of a lark
Whispered my shame into the ground
So deep I nearly drowned
A story untold
Tragedies always unfold.
Listen to my songbird.
Make sense of the the chirps I sing.
The monster appeared in the meadow
Now known to be the devil
Told stories woven in deceit
Words I'd rather not repeat
Trusted him for we held the same blood
Didnt know I would unleash a flood
And though I survived the attack
This poor little girl wasnt left unscathed
Tried to tell mother but she didnt bother
Said I was a snake
Not her very own daughter.
Adopting me was a mistake.
Now that I lost another mother.
I couldn't risk telling father.
I made a promise to remember.
Never able to forget that cold winter
Never was one for broken promises
But it was almost a lost battle
A lot for a child of five to handle
Her memory she wasnt able to dismantle
Though no longer a child and easily rattled
She still holds her same smile.
Although she hasn't shown it in quite awile

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