With the steady tick of time, she changed
Molded herself into who she was expected to be
A beautiful, silent bird, wanted only when caged
A kept creature deceived to believe she was free

And she lost herself
Hidden in that happily ever after, fooled by a gilded ring
Who she was, unceremoniously shelved
Clinging to the memory of what it felt to sing

But without her voice, she heard no music at all
So that songbird, that showpiece to the world
Readied her clipped wings and waited for the fall
Yet they carried her, strong and resilient, she soared

And she found herself
Flying to safety and freedom in the sturdy trees
Seeking solitude, but discovering something else
She felt the pull of a strong mountain breeze

So to the highest peak, she flew
Untethered, she braved the pounding rain
And far above, she found someone brand new
With the steady tick of time, she wanted to change
And she lost herself

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