Songs of hypocrisy

***Songs of hypocrisy***

A smile so broad it overshadowed the sun
Lies so sweet they rivaled honey combs
Promises so alluring that the angels melted
Dirty babies and saggy breasted women
All did they give a warm cold hug
Selling their futures with inspiring ease and craftiness
Jobs still not seen till tomorrow
Water still as hard as Gibraltar
The people have long lost hope
The table long losing balance
The fires of patriotism quenched by legal illegality
Camouflaged as law enforcement agencies
Opposition exists only on the media
And when they try getting serious
The exterminators come in with terror reigns
All this fallacy all just for power
And because a people and generation
Are yet to speak up in oneness and fire
And until then i tell you
This songs of hypocrisy shall last a day more.

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The poem is all about the problems of bad leaders in government.