Sonnet of Suffering

Turn your back on a wandering heart.
Helplessly wandering all through the dark.
I thought you the light of the deafening spark.
Alas, I am lost and torn apart.

Hopelessly wandering through the fog.
This soul of mine, you did inspire.
Ignited it once, you left it on fire.
Painfully trapped in loves deathly bog.

Enraged in behavior, a sign of pain.
This demon inside hath been released.
Without destruction it will not be pleased.
Ravenous with hate it will have it's reign.

Unless, with faith, it can be Tamed.
I am a king, a beast of war.
Wounded and injured, yet wont abhor
Through the Lord you can be trained.

Travel forward day by day.
Guided by morals not hindered by pains.
Ever moving, through the suns and the rains.
The path yet traveled, is always gray.

Go now warrior, be not afraid.
Those who hurt you, you must forget,
Take the lessons, but have no regret.
For through pain and suffering are good men made.

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