Sonnet On Divine Intervention

Tonight, as I lay warm and comfortable in bed,
The angels above me watch, looking down.
Making sure that I am kept safe, so that I may sleep sound.
I close my eyes to sleep, drift away, with prayers said.

A little girl, Pale with freckles and with hair cherry red,
Lays her small head on a large pillow with a bear she calls brown.
Tonight, she will pass on from this world, no doubt heaven bound.
Yet unfair doesn't describe this, it seems as though God has fled.

How can this be, the passing of a child with a mind lamb white?
Though I tell myself, that the entire world rests in God's hands.
Another day passes, but still, it just simply cannot be right.
Again I lay in bed; the girl's empty, with brown on her nightstand.

I toss and turn, then at once in the ceiling shines a blinding light.
Within I see an angel smiling, freckled with red hair, I understand.

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