Dark night and so many stars in the sky which wanted to knock us down.
They shone so brightly that darkened our eyes and dimmed our minds.
Lined up a stellar way to introduce us but we got lost in the dark when they extinguished.
This dream was so alien in which I saw your eyes but then fell into the black abyss and saw they glow like planets in the space that I will find a path.
Put the whole world on your palm and add to my universe which is in my heart.
Let's draw a picture that will help for us to think like one,get into each other thoughts to connect our actions with the lines of the heart and we will shine in darkness and complement this world.
Open the passage to light of love with touch our fingers that will create another constellation of related souls on heaven.
I think someone wanted me to accept you so I can't resist cuz book of our life and fate only with God,ask him what to do and how.
A small passage opened in my heart,I will reveal the secret how to get the key using feelings and not your arms for made me understend your love.
Try to prove without a touches,only actions without words,just guess how not to use a mouth for take it yet alive.
My heart is whispering just come closer,don't be afraid of the mistake,just lean against my chest and hear what it does say.
This light that comes from inside,I will wrap you through my hugs,just give me hand and you will shine completely with me.
Soothing your condition and I did not have time to say no word when we become like one whole
I can't say anything when you become mine and I'm yours.
Let's enjoy this corner of heaven in the flames of hell
We can't escape cuz it has merged my evil soul with your angelic being.
We fell to the ground making our choice to be together cuz us kicked out of the paradise for breaking the rules but at the same time we held hands and wouldn't lose each other in this darkness.
Don't choke in this disappointing world,like you know it's better than disappear...

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