Soon My Love

Tonight is one of the hardest nights of you not being with me.
Tonight, I sit here awake at 2 am with my thoughts running heavily.
Tonight, I am missing every part of you and wishing you were here.
Tonight, all I have are pictures of you and wanting you near.
Tonight, I think of your body laying next to mine.
Tonight, I will cry myself to sleep,
knowing this won't be the last time.
Tonight, you are laying in your bed far away sound asleep.
Tonight, I am laying in my bed quietly trying not to weep.
Tonight, I would give my life for you to be home with me.
Tonight, I try to contain my hurt,
although I feel I've been cut deeply.
Tonight, I wipe the tears that have fallen
and roll over in my empty bed.
Tonight, I close my eyes and remember all the things you've said.
Tonight, I am broken and I need you by my side.
But tomorrow, I will be strong and the pain that I feel,
I will continue to hide.

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