Sophomore Year, Times New Roman

Sophomore year in Times New Roman, 12 point, double-spaced
We all wrote our essays about Atticus Fitch
How he brought peace and love to Maycomb, Alabama
A town so fixated on the black and whites
They failed to see the gold within each other's souls
We all wrote our essays on what Harper Lee taught us
All pledging in our conclusions to never fall into the delusion
That any other human being is inferior to ourselves

But as soon as our final draft was saved we fell back to our old ways
Of throwing sticks and stones and breaking each other's bones
Thinking we can build our home on a foundation of tearing others down

Times New Roman, 12 point, double-spaced
One summer night I dreamed that Earth was finally given eyes
But only thing she did was spend an eon looking into space
With no admiration, only jealousy, towards the celestial skies

Just like Earth, on a summer night we too stare out into the cosmos
And envy the beauty we can never be, hatred fueled by jealousy
Do not let your eyes deceive just because they see galaxies pristine
When every single atom in your body
From the iron in your blood to the calcium in your bones
Came from the very heavens themselves

Equal simply by breathing, we all look to constellations for meaning
It is the moon that influences the sea
Calm the storm within the ocean so love and peace control its motion
Then lift a sail and come with me
To a world where "I" can become "we"

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