Sophomore Year

Sophomore Year is like being the middle child
sometimes forgotten, always wanting to be wild.
Trying to find her place in a big and scary world
not sure what to make of it, always being swirled.
It's the big year, her sixteenth birthday is comping up
time for her to drive, she's like a new born pup.
Has plenty of friends, just not one main group
all she wants is to stay in the loop.
She works hard everyday, trying to be the best she can be
being religious is the only way she can see.
She's a great athelete, puts in the time and effort
will never give up, even in the middle of the desert.
Stands up for what she believes, thinks she's doing the right thing,
but who even knows what life will bring.
She talks down about herself, complaining to other people
trying not to be cocky as she prays under the steeple.
Just wanting to be happy and make the best of everything
her parents always tell her that she is a blessing.
She makes them proud everyday of her life
they are great people, her mom a great wife.
She worries about the future, there and here,
never sure of what is going to come out, of Sophomore Year.

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