rending as a bandit's dull knife
on an unsuspecting victim
in a shady alley
is human sorrow

not even a house of gold
built with hired hands of materialistically rich
is something to truly last and admire

but someone whose life fell apart
and seemingly beyond repair had a broken heart
who managed to regain their fire

frightening as death's cold chill
for a drowning victim
under a sheet of thick ice
is human sorrow

not even a hoard of wealth
plundered from the needy and innocent
is something to really respect and commend

but someone who despite all odds
stood their ground and survived
refusing to give in to an almost certain end

indiscriminate as a guileful thief
who doesn't care for who you are
only for what you own
is human sorrow

not even abundant riches
only used for egoistical reasons
are something to look up to and aspire

but someone who shares with the disadvantaged
knows there is life beyond fortune
and uses their power to enrich and inspire

overwhelming as malignant nature of misery
when once it takes hold
requires company
is human sorrow

one who misunderstands suffering
and tries to comfort their loved one in only ways they can
deserves no condemnation and criticism

even one whose will to hold on completely waned
and felt that giving up was the only way out
does not deserve a brand of egoism

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