She looked up at him with sorrow in her eyes
Hoping he would notice she's about to bring upon her own demise
He gave her that smile that can light up a town
She knew he didn't care; eventually he would let her down
But something inside her stronger than she
Made her feel that way and allowed it to be
She gave him herself and didn't look back
She knew it would be the end and how bad she'd collapse
But she didn't care, she didn't care, why should he?
He thought, hey, she's just any another girl giving herself to me
Just like any other girl, it's just for a night
Eventually I'll find the one that's right
Not looking in her eyes, he didn't see
The sorrow the pain and just how guilty
Guilty she felt or all she had done
But they didn't care, they didn't see
Maybe they were destiny
She can't be, he thought, not for me
He doesn't want me, she thought, look at me
They both had their doubts and walked away
It was good for a night was all they could say
I'll see you around, this is goodbye
And in his mind he thought, with another guy
She looked at him one last time
With sorrow in her eyes, hoping he would notice
She just brought upon her own demise

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