Sorrow Street’s Survivors

She laughs because if she does not she might cry
Her crinkled nose, squinted eyes are all a disguise
She smiles because sadness is not “in” these days
The world wants someone strong and confident and tears do not compliment strong’s shade

Although, her smile never reaches her eyes
It stays at the corner of her lips and does not dare to rise
You see her true emotions are like hidden stars
Only seen by those who truly search and most visible in the darkest of hours

Her depression was controlling, it took over her life and her sleep
Told her when to eat and when to weep
Told her what to do and she could not defy it
A pain so fiery and profound even hell wanted to be owned by it

Her life continued on it’s dark, dreary path
Filled with murky skies and salty raindrops
She reached into her pocket and used devices to forget about her vices
And similar to her despair
The indignant smoke overtook the once fresh, clean air

She sat herself on the corner of Joy Road and Sorrow Street
However, Joy Road always seemed to be closed
Her saunter down Sorrow Street was never ending
Her fate in this world was still pending

The grimy street contained flowers that always decomposed before blossoming
The trees looked at her with judging eyes, as if they were gossiping
Their old, brittle trunks built on the foundation of the past
Not quite understanding the young that walked past

The air around was thick and dry
Leaving a bitter tang upon her buds
She thought about how people picked at her plenty of problems
While she walked in life’s black mud

The street had hit a dead end
She looked back to see the entrance gone without a trace
Once again she was stuck in this world
Not knowing her place

She felt a hand lay upon her shoulder
She looked into their eyes that held an intense smoulder
Those eyes lacerated through her cold, stone walls with a swift motion
And her emotions flowed out of her like a choppy ocean

She wondered how he made it through Sorrow Street
Yet remained like a vibrant, untouched painting
So precious and upbeat

A smile blossomed on his face
And her tulips parted forgetting the weeds that once took place
She craved his glowing flame to ignite her icy, decaying candle
He was so bright and beautiful
Too much for the darkness to handle

He drove out her demons
He made them feel small
At that moment she decided to let the sun in and force the night to fall.

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