Sorrows embrace

Locked away I’ve thrown the key is a cage of grief I carry with me.
There’s no need to open- not a moment to spare
I’m to be the wife, the mother, the woman who cares.
Each hour that passes I sit by your side. I look at you...I gaze with tears full of pride.
The clock is ticking every second counts.
the days grow longer- our time runs out.
Still I sit. I rarely shed a tear.
the daughter that loves you isn’t allowed here.
For I’m to be strong when you are weak.
I make the choices- barely a moment to think.
Pen in hand- all eyes on me
I sign my name, to set you free
I hear the cries from all around, but yet I haven’t made a sound.
For my tears would only be in vein. No time to mourn no time for pain.
I did my best
Goodness I tried.
With everything in me. Day and night.
I often fell asleep with my head upon your shoulder
Our hands held closely together.
Days turned to weeks
your time drew near
I watched you breath for hours that day.
Until there wasn’t- you just faded away. Locked away I’ve thrown the key. This cage of sorrow I don’t want to set free. For in the moments I miss your sweet face, your smile, your laugh, the warm embrace.
I can close my eyes- for a moment I’m there.
A mother and daughter- no despair.

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