Sorry for everything I did.
Sorry for changing the future.
There is that I can do to change it.
It wasn't just me, it was you as well.
You caused the beast to escape.
For it to return, you must apologize.

Sorry that you can hold a grudge.
Sorry that you're annoying to me.
If you didn't know I hate annoying people.
One Little annoying thing turns into everything.
Those people are the ones I wish would disappear.

My life went from good to no good.
While I was away I learned a lot about me.
Lately I hate my life starting from the first separation.
So far I want to end my story,
to let your story be better without me.

Sorry for the trouble I brought to us.
Sorry that every feeling is gone.
Sorry for my mistake.
Sorry that every memories is nothing but a
reminder that we can't be the same.

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