I'm sorry mom,
I'm sorry dad,
sorry for breaking promises,
I wasn't thankful for the things that I had,
I may not have had much,
but I could've had it all,
if I had chosen to take the one thing,
even if it seemed so small,
cuz whats a life living,
if you're missing love,
I know you're not very forgiving,
but I hope this will be enough,
who knew I would die this way
who knew,
god would suddenly turn the lights off,
I know I wasn't the perfect son,
but I tried my best,
which is better than none,
and to be perfectly honest,
I could care less who won,
as long as you finished,
and you were ready to be done,
I can't help but leave,
if only you could perceive,
people are so damn mean,
you won't believe,
half the shit I've seen,
it's like a nightmare,
but I can't wake up from this dream.

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