The empty promises and the story book lies
Remember those, they are the ones that broke our father daughter tie
Your words hold no value to me any more
They show me that you have come to face what you've always ignored
I should have been a priority, but I wasn't
You spoke when spoken to and not when I needed you
Where were you when I had my heartbroken and my pride burned down
The flames of my self hatred burning down the love I had for myself
Where were you?
So now, now reflecting on that, all you can say is sorry?
Is that all you can say
Because it's how you explain yourself?
You're sorry, you're a sorry excuse of a father to me
When I remained silent to push myself from you, you gave up
You left me in the dust
Where did you go?
Because from what I recall you were confined in a 6 x 8 cell
So that sorry, the one shot from your lips should come back to you
Like a boomerang
Moving at full force to it's thrower or maybe like karma
So bringing back that sorry I am sorry
I'm sorry
That the first thing that comes to mind when I hear dad is my uncle
I'm sorry that I am not sorry

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