Sorry Mom

Hey mom,
Sorry for all tough times I put you through
There are many things that I did to you that I shouldn't have
But I think it’s about time i say I LOVE YOU
This is coming from the heart
And that's the only way to start

Since I was a little girl
My whole life went into a whirl
I’m sorry for all of the lies
And for all the times i made you cry

I’m sorry for all of the fights I started with you
Mom just remember I LOVE YOU
All of the things that I have been going through
Makes me realize what you say is true

Mom my whole life is on lockdown
Everyday I walk with a frown
I just to be free
And live my life the way it used to be

Mom my whole life went down the drain,
I wish i could go back
And walk through life on different tracks

Mom freedom doesn't come free
Especially for me
Mom i have committed many sins
But i have to stay strong
In my life I haven’t seen many grins
But i’ll be strong no matter how long

I still have a lot to learn
No matter how much my heart burns
Mom my life is surrounded by a shell
There are not many things I can do
I don’t know if you can tell
But i’m not taking it very well

Mom I just want to tell you
That i’m sorry for all the hell I put you through
And I want you to remember that…………
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

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