understand his words when he speaks
value his actions
learn him every way you can
it is the him you want near you
his scent will invade your nostrils if you let it
his touch will creep inside your pores at the most unsuspected moment
his taste will make cravings float uncontrollably in your stomach
his tears will make you weep
his smile will brighten your soul
his presence will make you weak
how do you feel
like the ocean after a tsunami
waves crashing against hard rocks
slowly slides and gently touches the sparkling beauty again
feel his heart when it beats
place your hand over his heart unto his chest
feel his rippling muscles when they flex
gain his attention
love the attention
keep his respect
his movement as he moves as prey
his eyes shine with intensity like a gleaming warrior
can't look away
understand his words when he speak
value his actions
learn him every way you can
once you do
he'll never let you go.

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This Poems Story

This poem reflects how a woman she should see the love a man wants to give her.