Inside you I formed
With every beat of our hearts were shared
Yet birthed I was ripped from your arms
Into a feared father's but sincere
Named without a choice without even a second glance
For it felt like a second that we shared that breathe was it enough
Time had decided that I was only going to get a year with you before you before I was shared
Everyday I grew as you watched
yet it wasn't enough I needed only you and all of you obsessed in a way called love so divine yet neutured
I remember running away from you as a baby
And youd chase
Now I run and you stay
To be selfish with your love was an understatement
You had 3 I was 2
Stevie was your first your number one
Nancy was your last , Your babie
Somewhere in the middle I got lost at 2
I searched for the love that was there yet not
I wanted to be your number one
I wanted to be your babie
I don't remember when but I remember you saying it now everyday like I'm haunt a ghost following me
I wish I had more time with her
I wish I had more time with you

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