Got the juke box on, reminds me why I came down
At bottoms up, honky tonk, under a neon slip sloop
Spinnin' on an imaginary dreamer's wedding gown
She loves it more than a cosmic ape's chicken soup.

Tell me it is going to be alright before I die, alright
I will say the world is a vision in a category of light
From a holy one to the dirty one, I'm everyone son
On my side, I'm gonna lie until I see infrared's gun.

Two souls on either side of the Mason-Dixon line's fire
Particular subject and object without a predication sir
Points of order and mass of chaos with or without wings
Choirboys, altarboys, paperboy badboys' nailin' things.

Mummies and the unseen buried and burned, all are One
In and out of the might jelly and jam just ain't no fun
Independence at the dawn of gold shining, scam of sins
Monday to a last gasp in a maze of token bones' slogans.

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