Soul Food

She tastes like the ink that bleeds out of berries
Tart and tempting on my tongue
Staining my white blouse prettily, drying in the sunshine
And making my cheeks ruddy with bashful bliss
Hue of red stains my lips as I float drunkenly
After slicing a sliver and carefully biting in

Warmth of honeyed cider
Crispness of peach sangria
Depth of chilled cherry juice
Bitter-sweetness of pink lemonade
Pour her into a hearty chalice, caked with clay
And freshly glazed in the fire kiln

Carrot cake kisses; cleanly, carefully cut
And placed on a pattern-rimmed plate
Little oak leaves, bear pawprints
Sweetest soul food to slip into my mouth
Dark chocolate pomegranates
A slice of heaven, my darling deliciousness

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