Soul food

Hunger and was filled,weak but now I'm healed
lost with no vision
broke those chains,no longer in prison
The lord he has risen his word food of wisdom
soul food
food to our soul
Lost with no direction,understanding is one of our connection
the Lord word it feeds
its our protection
while hearts are filled with strife
many took a bite out of life
empty hearts don't know where to start
Is there any who hungers
for wisdom knowledge and understanding
so outstanding its transplanting
Soul food
food to our soul
Knowledge that good old soul food
removes blockage and bondage
no longer Satan hostage
acknowledge it
plant that seed,yes indeed succeed
trust in he
Hold it let it mold you
remove that stronghold that withholds you
don't feed on anything that confuse and misuse you
devil wants to mislead
but Jesus has freed you
The Lord word soul food we over feed
this world so full of greed
Soul food
food to our soul
Ill forever need

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