Soul Murderer

This thing you have done to me, it has killed me inside.
My life as I knew it, now forever no more.
To the friendly eye, I'm just the same.
I cover up nice with a flash of my teeth,
A bold attitude, and an elegant flare.
But deep down you see (which you never will),
I am shattered and cut with my own ignorance.
My trust in humanity is somewhere out there.
My dignity and pride, which I once held high,
You have swiped from my grip, as I closed my eyes.
You do the devil's work, yet call yourself a saint.
But these friendly eyes, they may never know.
'Cause your secret is safe like my ignorant youth.
Your secret is safe as I lie by myself,
Watching regret move along down my face.
A sudden awakening from a terror of night
Desperately happens more than I'd like.
I quite often wonder, what have I done?
For whose fault it may be, a war has begun.
Nevertheless, I hold my head high.
I clean up the blood and cover my wound,
For no one's to see this impure flaw,
Not even you, the one with the knife.
For this is something you'll never know,
This thing you have done to me, it has killed me inside.

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