Soul of the Past

Days of the past, Hell (slavery) ended at last.
So many hearts in pain, souls fighting for restraint.
Spiritual songs to cover all their worst days. They knew the only
cure was to keep faith.
Day by day they prayed, even at times to wish they wouldn't awake.
Rain rain why must you stay?
God let those tears wash away.
Freedom they plead, "why torture us because of greed?
Whips so deep, "take my body my soul to keep.
My God has a plan, he will show you who is the man.
I will meet you at a another place, always remember
never forget this face!
Smile at me now but I will have the crown, I'll be running your town!
Let me sing, control my anger, you hung us up like a hanger.
Sing sing joyous wonders, I will forgive you, will our father?
When you plead your case, make sure you have a great answer.
He watched you take the steps to the Devil, steps you chose
to sink to his level.
Hatred and greed were all you chose to give, please I ask,
why that life to live?
Be happy, love everyone and keep faith is all he (God) wants to say,
I am here and forever will I stay!".

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