Soul Taker

The dark engulfs the room,
The mood sets to gloom.
The screams grow loud,
Im afraid this is all my body can allow.
Through the black I see a simple child,
Her eyes are as black as her soul,
My heart beat begins to roll.
She takes my hand and leads me to a place,
I feel so misplaced.
Pits of fire blaze up high
as people begin to fly.
Dead stares across the misfourtunes faces,
As they wish they had lived their lives at a different pace.
Satan has their souls locked in his dungeon,
Their sins have made them what they are,
I cant take it anymore I have went to far.
There he stands with all his power,
His thrown nothing but a body tower.
I scream out"why am I here,"
As I chock back through my tears.
"Live your life in the way desired,
But let me tell you something little girl your soul I will acquire."
I hear another scream and it jolts me to reality,
I look around to realize I am in my bed,
"What a dream,"I say as my pillow meets my head.

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