Soul-twin-flame love

"I look at you. Look at the emerald stone!"
"You cherish me like I want diamond rings.
I look up like your king on a high throne.
I have no real need for material things."

"'Come here, my heart, my love,'" you say to me!
"I am not the one, Mr. handsome," I say.
"I will fight for you, my dear; here's your key."
"My past will catch up; I feared yesterday."

"Cat and mouse games, watch the pattern repeat!"
"You wanted me! I feel alone with you."
"Manipulative mind games, what deceit?"
"Am I worthy of the fight? Are you true?"

"Promise me, my dear, that you will kiss me!"
"Promise that without me, you will miss me!"

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Tags : heartache, twin flame, love, broken heart
Key Words : Love, Broken Hearts

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